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You need appropriate visa to work legally in Japan.


■Working Visa Holders

The type of work you can do depends on the type of your visa.

For example, if you have an engineer visa, you can work only as an engineer; if you have a cook visa, only as a cook. 

Your visa has been granted based on the information of the company/employer for whom you declared you would be working  and of the job description upon your visa application. 

If you want to change work places, you need to find the same kind of job as your current one.   Do not forget to report the change in your workplace to the Immigration.   

■Spouse Visa Holders, Long-term Residents, Permanent Residents

You can do any type of work (of course, not illegal works).  You don't need to report to the Immigration when you change work places.

■Student Visa Holders, Dependent Visa Holders

You can do any type of work (of course, not illegal works).    But you cannot work more than 28 hours per week, except for students during the long vacation. 

We don't charge job seekers any fee for recruitment.

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