Working visa holders in Japan,

Maybe today’s topic is not relevant to you or something you don’t want to listen to. But recently our office is receiving so many SOS from those who were disapproved their extension application by Immigration agency because their job is not match to their visa status. I dare to announce warning to you.

Please remind how you or your previous lawyer explained about your job when you got a working visa for the first time.


Aren’t you working at factory or construction site in spite that you explained your job is interpreter?
Aren’t you working at restaurant hall or kitchen in spite that you explained your job is accountant or marketing?
Aren’t you working at factory or Japanese restaurant even if your visa status is Indian cook?

If immigration notices those illegal working, your extension application would not be approved. And once you get disapproval, you only have 31days for leaving. Do you think it is enough time for finding another suitable job?

If your company is big enough and you are working for the same place continuously, you might get approved extension. But if your job doesn’t match to your visa status, you cannot get Permanent Residency in the future. On the contrary, if you apply PR, immigration would find your real working station through deep examination for PR procedure and you might loose everything.


If you think you are the one of those above, you had better start to look for the suitable job to your visa status or just continuously staying your job without expecting PR.


Immigration Agency’s policy to illegal working is much tougher than before.


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(by Junko Watabe)