Basic information about visa application for Japan(2)

Another FAQ is:
Can I change my tourist visa to working visa?


Answer is No.

Tourist visa cannot be changed to other visa without unavoidable situation. And generally immigration doesn’t approve any unavoidable situation for working visa.


Many of you assume without any reason that changing visa status in Japan is much easier than getting COE. And they try to get tourist visa anyhow and come to Japan. They are likely to expect once you come to Japan, there would be someway to change visa status to working visa. But actually they cannot. What they can do is job hunting and enjoy vacation in Japan. Tourist visa cannot be changed to working visa. Please remember it.


And as I told you above, not only for working visa tourist visa cannot be changed without unavoidable situation. So if you have family outside and want to let them stay in Japan with you, the proper way is applying COE. Of course there would be some exceptions. One of them is getting married in Japan and applying spouse visa. But for this kind of application, you need to prepare very well from the beginning when you apply for tourist visa. If you have some concerns privately, please send messages to our FB page freely.


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(by Junko Watabe)