Basic idea about how to get a visa for Japan

Today’s topic is very basic. So many of you already know it. But since our FB page followers have been expanded to more than 18500 and is constantly increasing more than 100 a week.

One of FAQ from people outside Japan is: How to get a visa for Japan.


There are nearly 30 visa types in Japan and without some exceptions, the visa procedure generally starts in Japan. I mean if it is family related visa, your family, if working visa, your company, if student visa, your school in Japan applies certificate of eligibility, COE for your visa. Then after COE is granted by immigration in Japan, you could apply visa with COE at Japanese Embassy in your country.


In short, you cannot do anything by yourself in your country. You need to have your family, your company or your school at first. As for working visa including the new working visa Tokutei Gino, you need to get a job offer. And I guess for most people outside, getting a job offer is extremely difficult. And I also heard there are lots of illegal agencies in your country. Please try to get the right information and not get involved into such frauds.


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(by Junko Watabe)