A tip for visa application in Japan

Today's topic is apology letter. I write an appology letter at least once a week. No,not for myself. I am not doing wrong things so often. I write it for our clients.

An apology letter is likely to be one of important document for particular cases no matter what type of visa application. And in order to express sincere apology, it should be personal and written by own hand.


That's why, I take time for preparing it. After hearing well about what happened, I write a draft of the letter. Then I discuss the content with the client. Once everything is ok, I ask the client to write it by own hand. Letters are written sometimes in English, romaji Japanese or easy Japanese with hiragana according to his language ability.

Examples for cases when I prepare an apology letter are:
When the applicant violated the traffic law
When the applicant missed the tax/insurance payment properly
When the applicant wrote something wrong for previous application
When the applicant doesn't follow some obligation like reporting necessary change to immigration properly
and etc.


If you do something wrong, hiding is not a good idea. Immigration knows everything about you, sometimes more than yourself. Explain what you did and why, then apologize. Of course, they don't accept your excuse always. But for many cases, apology would work. Anyway, at least, it would be better than doing nothing.


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(by Junko Watabe)